Thursday, November 22, 2007

Praise Music Again

This past Sunday worship service left me in tears. I was subjected to an hour of praise music or as I prefer to call it "narcissistic drivel". There was very little difference in the music itself, certainly nothing memorable. While the choir and the soloists gave powerful performances, nothing could counter the lyrics that focused on "I" or "me" praising God and how wonderful "I" was for praising God. Let's get this straight. I believe we should praise God, but leave ourselves out of it. Remember the doxology. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..." There is no "I"or "me".

While I realize this music is a fad that will pass, I feel insulted that my church cares so little about my generation. If anyone did care, they would throw the old dogs a bone and have a traditional hymn or two. No, the focus is youth, youth, youth. Strange, I don't remember Jesus saying that people over forty were worthless. Discrimination in any form is wrong in God's church. Just because it is aimed at older adults, does not make it right. The church should be inclusive. Sunday morning worship services should not exclude, but strive to bring God's followers together. We need to know each other to love each other. I think it is time for a new Christian movement: across all ages, we are one with Christ.

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