Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Last night, so many people died because of nature's wrath. All I can do is pray for their loved ones in this time of sorrow. Tornadoes ripped through communities in the middle of the night. Because I live in Texas, I have been in a tornado's path several times, but I personally have never been punished by those fierce winds.

I have seen one dip out of low hanging clouds behind us as we drove home from the country. I have seen the path of a tornado through the countryside that looked like a giant lawnmover had been driven cross country. Instead of twisted grass from the rotary blades, there were twisted trees. That tornado started in open country, then whirred through a small town. Luckily, no one died.

I have made my mother sit in the hallway (the center of the house) with the family pets around her as we listened to the wind howl and the radio broadcast the nearness of a twister. Strangely, I never was afraid. That destroyer passed us by with no damage. Will I always be so lucky?

Tornadoes are a reminder of how fragile our world really is. We are so sure that we are in control of our destiny. We make plans that assume a world unchanged. Tornadoes, whirling fingers of death, obliterate
our structures and our lives.

We need to worry less about the second coming, the rapture, and the millenia, and more about the present. We need to help others today because there may be no tomorrow. We need to pray for all those injured by nature's untamed ways. We need to thank God for the moment. We need to acknowledge how fleeting life can be and savor the now.

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