Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Garden Survives - Barely

All but one of my artichokes has died. The lone survivor struggles on along with tomatoes that are looking increasingly stressed. Over 40 days of 100 degree weather and no rain are not what a garden needs. As of this week, my lavender is dying, but my herbs seem to be still on track to make it through August.

I figure that if my garden survives August, then the plants will make it into the fall. I am trying to get new tomato plants from two of my present plants. I have planted over-hanging branches into pots of soil so that the stems will root. Once rooted, I will cut them free and plant in a different area. I am not trying to root the tiny cherry tomato. This plant has been prolific, but its tomatoes are so sour that I cannot eat them alone. This tomato was supposed to produce very sweet tomatoes. Oh, well.

My okra is thriving and I get fresh pods almost every day. The blooms look like a yellow hibiscus with a mahogany center. I love raw okra, so the fresh pods seldom make it indoors. Fresh okra and fresh tomatoes - yum.

One eggplant has finally set fruit. I have a whole row of eggplant that seems very happy in the heat, but do not produce. This week the eggplants were attacked by tiny web worms. When I found them, I squished them by hand. One eggplant had a tiny spider working hard to subdue a worm twice his size. I left that plant alone. Today, I checked it - no worms. The spider had succeeded.

I keep hoping for rain. Maybe next week.

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