Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Proposition 3 on the March 2, 2010 Ballot

The Texas Republican party has placed five propositions on their March 2, 2010, primary ballot.  These propositions are non-binding.  The propositions are not amendments to the Texas Constitution.

Ballot Proposition #3: Cutting Federal Income Taxes
In addition to aggressively eliminating irresponsible federal spending, Congress should empower American citizens to stimulate the economy by Congress cutting federal income taxes for all federal taxpayers, rather than spending hundreds of billions of dollars on so-called “federal economic stimulus”.

Another badly written proposition that is so vague that it is open to any interpretation.  In addition, the proposition dictates the actions of Congress.  Note to Texans: you do not control the Congress of the United States.

What is the definition of "irresponsible federal spending ?"  Any spending that benefits another state?  Any spending that cares for the indigent elderly or mentally ill?  After all, Texas is working hard to be the state that spends the least on its elderly or mentally ill.  Why should other states or, heaven forbid, the federal government keep the elderly from sitting unattended in the hallways of nursing homes? I dare you to drop in on any Medicaid funded facility in Texas after supper.

The stimulus worked no matter how Repubs lie about it.  Could the plan have been better?.  Yes, if more money had been sent to direct job creation instead of tax cuts.  Yes, tax cuts.  The stimulus contained substanttal  tax cuts.  If tax cuts weren't good in the stimulus, why are they any good now?  Of course, we need to give the wealthy more tax cuts.  Life is so difficult if you make a million dollars. That was what Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican party, .said


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