Saturday, October 13, 2007

Climate Changes

Today is a warm October day. Al Gore's crusade on global warming has netted him a well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize. I do believe that Gore is correct: our world is growing warmer. Most people seem to think that this means that our every day temperatures will be uniformly warmer. Climate change is more complicated than that. The best generalization is that we will see more weather extremes, so some locations may actually experience colder temperatures while others will broil.

Here in Texas, I think there has been a subtle seasonal shift. The weather that we used to experience earlier in the year comes later. Hence, a cooler, wetter summer-- spring shifted a couple of months. Now, we are in a warm, dry spell--summer drought in the fall. Oh, the pattern isn't perfect, but I do think the generalization works. What we used to expect in November--cold, wet skies--has shifted to late December. If I am right, Christmas will have miserable weather. I just wonder if anyone else has noticed.

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