Monday, October 8, 2007

Progress on the Dragon Book

I am still working on the dragon book. I have about two hundred hand-written pages so far. Lucas and Mattie (the kids) and Greenmist (the dragon kid) landed in Mongolia by accident and now are making their way back to Texas with the help of Greenmist's greatgrandmother, Auburntide, and her pet gryphon, Rupert. Oh, they have been joined by Auburntide's friend, Blackday. They will make it as far as San Francisco before meeting the villain of the series, the Orc, a dingy white dragon.

I wish I could write full time. The only time I am truly happy is when I am writing. I have had one mystery published, but it was not very successful. After that I tried to find an agent. Did find one bad one. That made me feel so terrible that I quit writing for several years. I suppose I will self-publish someday. I have a science fiction novel, two mysteries, and a screenplay completed. If I don't self-publish,the manuscripts will be thrown away by my heirs.

I hope to turn my cat blog into a book someday. I used to send out a Christmas letter every year with an illustrated cat story. Since I still have a house full of cats, I expect to have plenty of stories to come.

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