Monday, January 28, 2008

A Cynical View

I have already grown weary of the political races. There is something wrong with a system that disenfranchises those of us who live in states that do not have early primaries. If you live in a state that is primarily Democratic or Republican, then even in the Presidential contest your vote does not count if you are in the minority party.

I live in Texas. If I vote for the Democratic candidate in the national election, my vote means nothing. If I vote for the Republican, my vote doesn't mean much more, only adding to a clear majority. Politicians wring their hands over lack of participation, but do nothing to make popular votes count in the main election. Neither party wants to upset the status quo, both are more beholden to big money than to the populace.

I don't see any changes coming soon. There is a lot of talk about change, but no action, no concrete plans. Obama talks change, but would not change the way health insurance is handled. He is satisfied to let insurance companies make life and death decisions. No change there. Hilary Clinton blew health care once, she won't buck the insurance companies. The Republicans don't even care. The more people die because of poor health care, the fewer there are to vote against Republican candidates.

I see no hope in the near future. Only when conditions are so bad that even the poor vote (or the poor are the majority of Americans) will there be a change. We need a strong third party, but that can only come from the grassroots. Americans need to wake up and realize that what's good for business is not good for them. We need to remember that Christ said to care for the least of those among us. Why doesn't this nation care? Where are the Christians?

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