Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Open Letter to Texas Senators

I am a Texan. I had an ancestor who fought at the battle of San Jacinto and died in the Mexican-American War. One great-great grandfather fought for the Confederacy and walked home to central Texas from Louisiana after the war. One great-great grandfather provided the only vote against secession in his county and remained a staunch Unionist all his life. Like many Texans, I have Native American blood although now much diluted. My ancestors were Cherokee and Choctaw. Some of my ancestors served as Texas Rangers.

Why do I provide this information? I do not want to be dismissed as some johnny-come-lately liberal whose views are not representative of Texans.

Plenty of us believe as I do, but in Texas today our voices are dimmed because those of conservatives are so much louder and better organized. Our time is coming. The change can be seen in our legislature as the demographics shift to the urban and minorities.

With all this said, I wish to address my two Senators. I have only one question: Are you doing your best for the citizens of this nation?

From my perspective, you are not.

Senator Cronyn, you were a yes-man to George Bush, now you have become a no-man to Barack Obama. Senator Cronyn, you have not had a positive statement this year. Your goal is partisanship; split the voters, scare the voters to elect more Republics.

We are in an economic crisis, where are the statemen?

Once I thought you, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, were a moderate, but that was before you planned to run for Governor of Texas. Now, you parrot the conservative Republic line that the stimulus bill has spending that is not stimulative.

After reviewing the statements of many economists, the one certainty I have come away with is that all government spending provides stimulus. The only misstep in the New Deal occurred when FDR reduced government spending to balance the budget. We need the new stimulus bill.

I ask you, my Senators, to forget your personal gain and become statesmen that put your country's welfare before your own.

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