Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Garden in Mold

Texas weather is a hoot. No rain all summer, now almost no days of sunshine. The result is a moldy garden. There is a black fungus growing on the eggplant's leaves. The tomato plants that made it through the summer have lost all the foliage on their summer growth. Only the tips of the plants have leaves. The okra is under siege from aphids.

The newly planted tomatoes do seem off to a good start. The plants have new growth and one has set some tomatoes. So far, the blight affecting the other tomatoes has not found them. I am harvesting onions and okra.

The one miracle is an artichoke. This died, I thought, in July, but new shoots and green leaves have appeared. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The birdhouse gourd has exploded with growth. Leaves the size of dinner plates cover the ground and shoots have reached the top of all the adjacent trees. However, I do not see any gourds growing.

My latest additions are cilantro and parsley which have settled in nicely, even though I stepped on the cilantro the day after I planted it. I need to do more planting, but it keeps raining. I will just have to wait.

Photo by hoeguk

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