Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our God -the Golden Idol of Gratification

I fear for our country. As a nation, I fear we have lost our heart. Why should people suffer because they are too poor to pay for health insurance? Yet, as a nation we have turned our backs on such pain. We let insurance companies make life and death decisions based on profit and loss. There is no compassion or nurture in the counting of dollars.

People fear health reform because what they have may be taken away. The majority would be satisfied even if the minority dies. We put our lives in the hands of corporations yet fear our own government. We are a nation that has lost its way.

Christ asked us: "Who is your neighbor?" We have answered: no one who costs us money. Our second television is more important than a child's smile whose pain has been relieved. We are so afraid of being cheated that we turn away all. Is it time to ask why in a nation of conspicuous consumption so many struggle to survive?

We are a self-centered nation. Our goal is wealth. Our God has become the golden idol of gratification. We pay those who defend our nation, but not enough. We would rather have the money go to private mercenaries with exorbitant fees because this is free enterprise, not government. Our corporations look only at the bottom line, not the worker at the bottom.

We must remember that we are the Samaritan, that we are our brother's keeper, and that we are judged by how well we treat the least of those among us.

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