Friday, July 16, 2010

Blue Toenails, Blue Fingernails

 I found a beautiful blue nail polish at a nearby drug store, Milani "Breezy".  I love blue, but had never had the nerve to wear it as a nail polish.  Michelle Obama changed that, so I  bought the nail polish.

I had seen a photograph of the First Lady wearing blue toenail polish for the Fourth of July: Obamas Back In DC, Ready To Party (PHOTOS)  Now my toenails and fingernails are coated with the shiny blue polish.

Michelle Obama is considerably younger than I, but she is mature woman.  Her fashion choice gave me permission not to act my age..  I have enjoyed the reaction to my blue nails..  My 86 year old aunt, a Republican, was a little put off.  My autistic cousin noticed the color right away and grinned.  I think he understands about being different.

I suggest that all of you that want to show support for the Obamas wear blue nail polish.  Why not?

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