Thursday, July 29, 2010

President Obama on the View

President Obama was on the View today, July 29, 2010.  I have not watched the show in weeks because I find the celebrity interviews inane and a waste of my time.  The show is now heading into a month of reruns designed, I suppose, to bore more viewers.

The President's appearance was an intelligent diversion.  President Obama answered question articulately and with the appropriate amount of gravitas. Elizabeth, representing Republicans, asked some good questions despite the party line prefaces.  It is time the American people wake up and realize how much worse the economy would be if Republicans were in control.

Some commentators criticized the President for going on The View.  Why?  I believe there were two real reasons for the criticism that were not voiced. First the audience for this show is primarily women.  Saying that the President degrades the office by going on the show, says that this audience  should be ignored because they do not represent the class of voters the President should talk to.  Demographically, women are the majority.  They deserve to hear from their President.  Second, the women on The View are not journalists (except for Barbara Walters) How can they ask intelligent questions?    Most Americans are not journalists.  They deserve to have their questions answered.

Except for some silly current events questions that were a waste of time, most of the questions were appropriate  Everyday people deserve the President's time.  I say, "Good going, Mr. President."

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