Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Thoughts

I enjoy Christmas, even though, I am alone. Friday, I took my aunt to her autistic son's Christmas party. He lives in a group home with two other disabled men. The company that runs his home, runs several others. All the residents of the homes get together with their families for this Christmas party. Too many have no family.

My cousin was overjoyed when he saw his mother, just as she was glad to hug her son. We ate, then Santa came and passed out simple gifts to each resident. The room was filled with kindness and love. My aunt sat with one man who has lost his parents, so he would not feel so alone.

I will see my cousin and my aunt again Christmas Eve. I will take them to my church for its Christmas Eve service, then out to eat at Luby's, a cafeteria. I will help my cousin select his food because he cannot talk, but he does know what he wants. We did this last year, and he still remembers that it snowed inside the church when we sang "Winter Wonderland." Although he cannot talk, he can read and carries a card on which he spells out words.

My cousin is lucky in many ways. His cousins will see he is never alone at Christmas even when
his mother is gone. Many are not so fortunate.

I urge anyone that is alone and healthy this Christmas to look for opportunities to help the disabled and elderly. The gift of your time is priceless to them.

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