Sunday, December 9, 2007

God's Name

Recently, a Baptist church refused the use of a recreational facility by an interdenominational group because Muslims would be praying there. Evidently, this church believed that prayers addressed to a God they believed was a different diety are forbidden in the Bible and would somehow contaminate their faith. Maybe they are right about the biblical prohibition. I do not know and I do not care.

If you believe there is only one God and no others, then no matter how you address him, since there is only one God you must be talking to her. Do we really think God cares what human word we use to call to him? I doubt that is so.

Understand that I believe Jesus Christ is the truest manifestation of God and the reason I am a Christian. But I believe that there is truth in all faiths that seek a higher meaning for our existence. God loves human beings. We need to love God back.

I think that for some unfathomable reason, God likes us to babble to him. No matter what our faith, prayer links us to the Creator. I do not think any sincere prayer can contaminate another's faith. Again, I believe there is one God with many names.

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