Saturday, October 10, 2009

Islam in the World - Statistics

A new study on the distribution and population of Muslims has been published. An article in the Guardian touches on the major conclusions of the Pew study.

One in four people in the world is Muslim. One in three people in the world is Christian. Christianity and Islam account for more than half (7/12) of all religious people in the world.

Both these monotheistic religions share a common progenitor: Abraham. Abraham's two sons father great societies. From Isaac, the younger son, come the Jews. From Ishmael, the older son, come the Arabs.

Both Jews and Arabs worship one God. I believe they worship the same God. If each would realize that perhaps peace would come to the Middle East.

We learn from the demographic study that most Muslims live in Asia, but Muslims can be found everywhere. Christians need to realize that Islam is a complex and nuanced religion. Most Muslims only want to live peacefully. There are only a fringe groups of jihadists, just as in Christianity there are fringe groups that espouse violence. We must learn to coexist in a diverse religious world.

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