Monday, August 16, 2010


Cordoba is a city in Spain that was the capital of Islam in Europe in the 11th Century.  The new community center/mosque will be named Cordoba House.  Conservatives have said this is a way for Muslims to assert power by naming the center after the seat of power in Muslim Europe.  Eleventh century Cordoba had another legacy and one by which it is still known today. That legacy was one of peace where adherents to the three great religions of Europe met, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. These followers of the great monotheistic faiths found they could live in close proximity to one another and still practice their own faiths.  Tolerance reigned.  What better to name a project aimed at bringing people together than Cordoba.  The community center will be open to all who are in New York.

In many ways the United States is a larger scale Cordoba.  People of many faiths live, work and play in this country.  The government does not interfere with an individual's practice of their faith nor should it.  Peace is the rule not the exception.

Now some people do not want a mosque 2 blocks from ground zero.  I believe they are wrong, but I believe they have the right to state their opinions and try all legal means to stop the mosque from being built.  The opponents do tend to ignore the fact that Muslim congregants have been worshiping in the current building at the site.  Conservatives, to their dishonor, have turned it into a political issue.  Even that is allowed under our Constitution. What is absolutely wrong is for government  (local, state, or federal) to take any action to stop the mosque from being there.  Equally wrong would be to aid the construction of the mosque. Government must take a hands-off approach.

As I mentioned in a previous blog we cannot forget all the Muslims that died in the twin towers.  Why not see the mosque as being in their honor?

I am a Baptist,  We have our own history of being persecuted.  Why do we forget?  The Christian majority must protect the rights of the few.  We should honor the Muslims, Jews and Christians that made peace in Cordoba so long ago.  Will we throw away their achievement and our heritage for hate's sake?

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