Monday, August 16, 2010

The Garden in August

My garden is almost gone for this summer.  The heat of days with temperatures over 100 has killed what survived the earlier humidity.  One tomato in a giant pot survives.  Two others planted in a hanging basket are still alive, but are only now starting to grow.  I did not plant okra this year which is the reliable August crop.  The question now is whether I put in a fall garden.   If so, I must start soon.  If we get a soaking rain soon, I think I will.

I have begun cleaning the garden, but where I have not watered the ground is rock hard.  Yes, I have been adding compost, but there are still many areas that contain mainly sandy concrete that turns to quicksand when wet,

The elm in front continues to drop giant branches.  I think the tree, which is twenty feet tall, will be the last casualty of 2009's brutal summer. Should I have it trimmed back now or see what survives?

The cacti and succulent garden is doing well.  My native salvia is spreading; the prickly pear cactus has grown new pads, and the cereus has taken root.  The sanseveria that froze to the ground in the odd freeze we experienced has put up new shoots.  Even the bits of kalanchoe that fell off a pot plant have taken root.

I will soon be potting sanseveria that I have had rooting in water.  I need to add some catnip in pots, but I think I will wait until next spring.  Maybe I will  plant some rain lilies under the birdbath. Maybe.

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