Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Am Not A Democrat

Too many people think I am a Democrat because I espouse a liberal viewpoint and voted for Barack Obama.  At one time I was a Democrat. I stopped because of the spineless antics of the Texas Democratic Party and the pervasive influence of powerful business interests in the national party.

I consider myself an Independent.  In my youth, I voted for Ramsey Muniz of La Raza for Governor of Texas.  I still regret that I voted for Richard Nixon instead of George McGovern.  I have voted for the occasional Libertarian but would never vote for Ron Paul although I admire him for his statement on the mosque in New York. 

We need a government that works for the ordinary citizen instead of wealth and business.  I spent some years working for the state of Texas.  I know that state workers try their best to serve the public but that upper management is too often afraid of its own shadow or else in league with those they regulate.  For example, I believe that Texas' environmental agency's primary purpose is to protect Texas business from the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

I had hoped that Barack Obama would accomplish great things as President.  He tried.  An intransigent Republic party and cowardly Democrats have reduced his chance for change.  I do believe he compromised to much and gave up too much especially in health care reform.  Health care reform was crippled by the desire for a few Repub votes.  Same with the stimulus.  We would not be facing a possible double dip if enough funding had been voted in the first round.  Instead Repub tax cuts were added.  See where that got us. 

I am not a Democrat.  I may participate in a precinct meeting or even a county meeting, but beyond that I will not participate in the Democratic Party.  The day that the Democratic Party cuts its ties with big business, purges the conservatives that cripple any progressive legislation and develops a coherent opposition to the Repubs, is the day I become a Democrat.  I won't hold my breath.

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