Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC

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I missed Olbermann's Friday show.  I wish I had not, but I seldom watch MSNBC on Fridays because the news and commentary programming ends before I have finished my evening chores.  MSNBC is not really a news network because its weekend broadcasts are simply docufillers, ways to keep something banal on the screen rather than a test pattern.

I am not a total Keith Olbermann fan.  He was too quick to poke fun and commentary at religious straw men without ever acknowledging the overlooked mainstream.  The extremes were much more fun to comment on. I could forgive even that when he read Thurber on the air (I did catch some Friday newscasts and podcasts.)

Keith Olbermann will be fine.  MSNBC is doomed to be a thrid-rate news source.  I refuse to watch Chuck Todd.

I was utterly appalled to hear that Lawrence O'Donnell will replace Olbermann. Someone billed him as a liberal Democrat.  Maybe he was at one time, but now he is just a sissy.  I have watched his show and observed his strained attempts to equate Republican and Democratic behavior.  He never admits that either side could be wrong, no he must draw false equivalencies or even insist on them in face of the facts.  MSNBC needs to teach its staff the meaning of right and wrong.  Oh, they can't because they don't know it either.

The final straw was to hear that Chris Matthews would profit from Olbernann's departure.  I don't know if I can even watch Rachel Maddow if Chris Matthews is a prominent figure on MSNBC.  I stopped watching MSNBC before because he is such a misogynist.  I remember too many of his interviews with women of intelligence and position where he did his best to denigrate them.  He especially hated it when a woman responded intelligently to his inane question.  He simply rolled over their answer with his.  His crowning achievement was the despicable way he spoke of and treated Hillary Clinton.  I believe he should have been fired.  MSNBC seems to prefer misogynists to liberals.  And Mathews is not a liberal.  Anyone who would allow Tom Delay to cast aspersions on the whole court system of a community, then agree with the Congressman known as "the Hammer" as if his statements were fact is not interested in truth.   No liberal would hold such a viewpoint.  He is a lapdog for Senators and Representatives who pet him by feeding him what he believes is "inside" information.  I will never watch him on television.

MSNBC along with NBC( don't get me going on David Gregory) are just corporate lackeys.  The firing of Keith Olbermann is just another symptom of big business' takeover.  Most Americans don't even realize that we have government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.  MSNBC wants to make sure it stays that way.

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