Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Photo by Omar Omar

I tried to watch some of the network talk shows this morning.  "Tried" is the operative word.  I just could not do it.  When Rep. Issa said he was going to investigate ACORN, the new Black Panthers and something else, I was stunned.  The commentator just let him rattle on, not even pointing out that ACORN no longer exists, the new Black Panthers consists of 2 men or that  maybe there were better ways to spend the taxpayer dollar.  I turned the television off.

I came back to my TV after giving my ailing cat fluids under the skin.  I got to listen to Republicans and pundits say that corporate taxes are too high.  Another misleading statement, not qualified by the commentator. Tax rates may be high, but they have little to do with what a corporation pays in taxes.  Most pay far less than the not corporate citizens, i. e. human beings.  The solution offered by the pundits was to raise personal tax rates and lower corporate tax rates.  That way the taxes of the poor and middle class can support the corporate welfare state that Republicans and conservative pundits wish to continue..  I turned off the television again.

Is it so hard to have a commentator who could at least know enough to be able to point obvious fallacies?  Or have commentators been co-opted into believing that they must simply provide a platform for politicians and pundits to utter whatever misinformation they desire?. Are they simply constrained by their corporate owners or so terrified of losing their jobs that all we get is inanities from them?

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