Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palin and My Family

Sarah Palin reminds me of too many members of my family who never take responsibility.  One recently quit his job because he was told to take a training course in something he thought he already knew.  When he had difficulty finding another job,  his excuse for quitting became "The company wanted to get rid of me, but I beat them to the punch."   Sarah Palin in her comments on the Tucson shootings did the same thing, to paraphrase: "Me, little me, I did nothing wrong,  It's just the mean old Democrats and media picking on little me."

I think that Sarah Palin scares me because I do see her actions reflected in those of certain members of my family including my long-dead  paternal grandfather who blighted the lives of his children.  Those members of my family like her carry a constant chip on their shoulder.  They are always being picked on in their minds, even though everyone else is simply reacting to their reprehensible behavior, in my grandfather's case drunkenness and debauchery.  These are the bullies of the family, bossing everyone around, berating their mothers for imagined wrongs, yelling at the autistic cousin.  They are always angry.  Suggestions as to appropriate behavior no matter how gently offered result in adult temper tantrums. Most no longer participate in family get-togethers because "no one likes them."  The truth is the family has tried numerous times to include them, but too often their bullying behavior leads to tears and anger.  I do not want a Presidential candidate like that.

I want a President that can admit mistakes and own up to their bad behavior.  Most of all, I do not want a President that always blames someone else.  I do not want a President who thinks "The Devil made me do it."

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