Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chris Matthews Supports Rush Limbaugh

I was channel hopping and actually stopped on Chris Matthews' show probably because I was slightly befuddled by the painkiller I am taking to relieve the unrelenting hip pain from a childhood bone disease. What I heard astounded me. Chris Matthews, who takes every opportunity to denigrate Senator Clinton, was cheering on Rush Limbaugh. Why? Because Limbaugh has been claiming that he has persuaded Republics (not Republicans until they use Democratic) to cross party lines and vote for Senator Clinton. Matthews agreed.

Matthews alleged that Senator Clinton's win in Texas could be attributed solely to Republics voting for her. This was after he stated that Republics split evenly between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. If both Democratic candidates recieved equal numbers of Republic votes, then the crossover vote was a wash. The difference between the candidates was in their appeal to the base.

Matthews made a great deal out of the fact that percentage wise, Senator Clinton received more Republic votes than in previous primaries. He attributed this change to Rush Limbaugh. I do not. My belief from speaking with Republic friends (my Sunday School class is full of them) is that they decided to (1) vote in the Democratic primary because they believed McCain had the Republic nomination sewn up, so did not need their vote, and (2) vote for Senator Clinton because they believe that the Democratic nominee will be President and they would rather have Senator Clinton as President. I was surprised at the second decision, but found that my Republic friends see Senator Obama as a unknown, radical element. To them, Senator Clinton is the devil they know and would rather choose.

Interestingly, the Republics that were most eager to vote in their own primary, that I know, voted for Huckabee. There was not much enthusiasm for McCain. Have no doubt, Texas will go Republic in the fall. My vote will not count because of the electoral college.

That Chris Matthews would support the actions of a right wing talk show host to wreck the selection process of the Democratic party speaks to how far right MSNBC has slipped and how much Matthews hates Senator Clinton. I will try to avoid MSNBC just as I avoid Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

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