Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hip Replacement

Well, I need a new hip. The bone disease, Legg-Perthes,I had as a child has finally won. The ball of the joint has collpased. In the X-ray, the top of the femur looked like a partially deflated football squashed against the socket with no space between the bones. Yes, that hurts. The orthopedist believes that there is also aseptic necrosis. The bone is dying.

Beside the pain, I noticed that my left leg has suddenly become shorter. I no longer have the range of motion I had a year ago. In all, my leg condition is pretty depressing.

The only humor was the fact that my doctor saw the X-ray before he saw me and looked for my wheelchair when he entered the examining room. When I said I did not use a wheelchair, he asked how far I could walk. I explained that I walked wherever I needed to. He said I was tough.

I go back in six weeks to set up a time for the surgery. Of course, there is another small problem. I do not have the money to pay my deductible before the surgery. The only insurance available to me is so expensive that I needed to select a high deductible. Now, I am not sure what I will do.

When my mother was ill, and I asked for assistance, I found out just how ungenerous people are. I was so humiliated by my friends and family that I will never, never ask anyone for help again. I understand that not having money in this society makes you a complete failure, unworthy of help. So be it.

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