Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MSNBC: Males Superior No Broad Capable

I have decided to stop watch MSNBC and NBC news because of their news coverage of the Clinton-Obama campaign. The final straw came when Chris Matthews stated that the red phone ad was racist, aimed at white moms with sleeping children who would fear a black man. Never in my wildest imagination when I saw that ad did I ever think of that. I only thought of foreign policy and Barack Obama 's inexperience. I have come to believe that the media is driving the search for racism everywhere and anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I live in Texas, and there is plenty of racism left here, but that is no excuse for such wild flights of fancy as take place on MSNBC.

The main talking point is that Senator Clinton will never catch Senator Obama in pledged delegate votes, so she cannot win the nomination. What they usually leave out is the fact that Senator Obama cannot win enough pledged delegate votes to win the nomination either. Both nominees will need the so-called super delegates. By the way, the Democratic Party is not a branch of government, the Party can decide to select its candidate in any manner it chooses. The commentators need to cool the rhetoric about the process being undemocratic. As long as the party rules are followed the process is fair.

Finally, I have grown weary of how women are treated by NBC. The only women newsreaders are right leaning, uninformed blondes. One dismissed the issue of experience between Obama and Clinton as what does it matter they are the same. We may argue about exactly how much experience each has, but Senator Clinton had been in the Senate longer and met with more international leaders. There is a difference. How much it matters can be argued, but she does have more experience, if for no other reason than she has lived longer. I dare NBC to acknowledge that. Intelligent women are not allowed to speak unless they agree with the male commentator. Chris Matthews has steamrolled his women guests for years. I won't even go into what I think of Keith Olberman and his treatment of Senator Clinton.

I have stopped watching NBC news because if MSNBC can be so unbalanced, the the values of NBC news are suspect. In addition,I have always thought there was something lacking in a news channel that ceases to do the news on weekends and instead relies on docufillers. I firmly believe that NBC's motto is Males Superior No Broad Capable. By the way, B doesn't really stand for broad, it stands for b****( rhymes with itch). Eventually, someone at NBC will look at demographics and realize they are driving women viewers away. I hope it happens soon.

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