Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gender Bias

I have watched, listened to and read the various pundits expounding on why Senator Hillary Clinton is treated with less respect than Senator Barack Obama because she is a Clinton, not because she is a woman. Or because she was the front runner, so deserved less consideration. All I can say is stuff it. I have been there, done that.

I could give years of discrimination experience from the time I entered college until today. I have been told that a man who did not meet the qualifications of the job for which I met every qualification had been hired because he needed the job and I would not fit in with the small faculty (all male). Of course, this was told mein confidence. I have been by my host that the only reason I was interviewed was because they needed to have a woman interviewed, but I understood: a woman would never make it at the plant (big oil company). The list goes on. I quit science when I could no longer stand the hypocrisy. I had one professor tell me I was the most brilliant student that he had ever taught thermodynamics, but he would only write a letter of recommendation for me if I promised that I would never seek a position in his laboratory. He could not stand the thought of a woman in his lab. I promised because I did not want to have anything to do with the man. He did write a very good recommendation.

McCain lost any chance of my support when he laughed at the "bitch" remark. I bet he never thought of his lobbyist friend as a bitch. Barack Obama turned my stomach when he spoke of Hillary's moods. Too often, he is condescending. He has two daughters. How does he want them to be treated when they are adults?

The media annointed Obama and dissed Senator Clinton. The television pundits are the worst about gender bias. They use terms to refer to Senator Clinton that they would not use to refer to a man that did exactly the same thing. Senator Clinton is "playing the victim", while a man is "on the defensive", etc. MSNBC is perhaps the epitome of this male chauvinism. MSNBC should stand for "males superior no bitches capable."

A strong, African American male is perceived as less a threat to the status quo than a strong woman because African Americans are a small percentage of the American population while women are more than half the population. We are a nation that devalues women and their contributions. Today, the discrimination is more subtle, but just as real. Young women just don't realize it, so they will vote for Obama.

I plan to vote for Senator Clinton.

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