Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Caregiving Toll

I listened to Fred Thompson last night on Jay Leno. I was totally unimpressed. Actually, I am unimpressed with all the candidates, both Republican and Democratic. I need to find out the specifics of Edwards' health insurance plan. I do believe this country needs to do something about health insurance. My only hope is to hang on to sixty-five and Medicare, but it looks more and more that I won't make it. There are no rewards for taking care of others except financial ruin and ill health.

I have seen the toll caregiving takes on the caregiver in the Parkinson's support group. This country takes care of its sick by wrecking the lives of their loved ones. Texas is particularly adept at making families without significant wealth shoulder the burden because either there are no facilities or the facilities available are abhorrent.

Understand that I do not regret caring for my family members, only that I could not care for them and for myself, too. Given the same circumstances, I would do the same thing, even knowing the disastrous (for me) results.

I did learn that people with money do not wish to share it, that you are scum if you ask for monetary assistance from family or friends. The result of caring for others is that I have never been so alone. If I ever have money myself, I will be only to glad to share. I know how much a few bucks can mean.

Churches never ask how the caregiver is doing nor do they provide support. I learned that as a child when my mother was ill. Churches want no financial obligations to their members. Where does that put Christian love?

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