Friday, September 14, 2007

Kathy Griffin and the American Heart Association

I have been following the Kathy Griffin controversy in the media and online. I am offended by her lack of respect for the sincere beliefs of others. Her statement has done what I think she wanted, garner publicity and media attention, but she has helped many Christians focus on the defense of their faith. I also believe that such publicity on television pulls Christianity off the shelf and into the media spotlight. That is the positive effect.

There is a negative effect. The outrage and vitriol of many people who call themselves Christians scares me. Jesus does not need us to protect Him. He certainly does not need his followers to hate another human being or wish them ill.

What Jesus needs Christians to do is portray the faith as he would--with love for Kathy Griffin. Jesus told us even the pagans love their family and friends (I would broaden that to anyone who thinks as they do), His followers were to love their enemies. I don't believe Kathy Griffin is the enemy, only an imperfect person trying to succeed in a hostile environment. Who better to love?

On Kathy Griffin's website she designates the American Heart Association as the charity she would like to receive donations in memory of her father, John Griffin. I suggest that Christians make a donation to the American Heart Association in John Griffin's memory and simply say made in the love of Christ.

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