Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dragon History

A little on dragon history, back story for my book. Dragons developed at the end of the last great age of dinosaurs from a bipedal omnivore. Their numbers grew rapidly, but dragons fought war after war and huge numbers died. One of the most pernicious practices was the killing of all relatives of an enemy. Great dragon cities were founded, then fought each other. No prisoners were ever taken. This carnage continued until about three thousand years ago when a great plague reduced the dragon population, and a female dragon came to power with the goal of ending the dragon wars. Through her lifetime and those of her daughter and granddaughter there was peace. New cities, the Dragonhomes, were founded away from humans. The Dragon Laws were promulgated. The peace did not last and fighting continued sporadically until another female dragon came to power about a thousand years ago. She was born white which is a rare color among dragons, and she possessed great powers. Now the Dragonworld waits for another white dragon to come to power. While few dragons are born white, a dragon loses color when it eats a human. If a dragon eats enough people, the dragon becomes white. Will the next ruler be a people eater?

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