Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kitten Season

Kitten season is upon us. Until last week, I could say that all my cats were neutered or spayed. Now, I have a wild new kitten (male), a sweet female who must have an owner somewhere, and a female cat with three kittens. The first two simply appeared on my front porch at different times, the latter is my aunt's cat who was very pregnant when I retrieved her from my aunt's farm. I hope to find homes for all the kittens and the sweet female; my aunt's cat will return to her once the kitten's are raised and the cat spayed.

A friend of mine had a four week old kitten stow away in her wheel well. She had to have a mechanic remove the wheel to get at the kitten. Lucky for her, she found someone willing to adopt the kitten. She also discovered the source of the kitten, a mama cat with five more babies in the compound where she works. She and some co-workers are in the process of trapping the whole family. The cat and kittens will be fostered and found homes.

I have been checking veternarians in my area for the cost of spaying. Most charge exorbitant fees. I know they have to make a living, but I believe that having spay fees as a loss leader would help the community and help them bring in more business. I wonder how much veterinarians really love animals if they do not help control the population. I choose my vet on the cost of spaying a cat and a rabies shot. That way I know they really care.

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