Friday, September 28, 2007

Thrift Store Shopping

Today, I shopped at one of my favorite stores, not a department store, not a boutique, but a thrift store. This one is run by a Lutheran charity. I purchased a silk blouse, two cotton blouses, a pair of slacks, and earrings for around thirteen dollars. (There was a half-off sale on women's blouses.) The two cotton blouses are for my aunt, the rest for me. Lack of money and lack of clothes first drove me to thrift or used clothing stores. Soon, though, I discovered I enjoyed shopping in these stores more than regular shopping venues. I have purchased everything from shoes to underwear. One tip, if you see shoes that you like and are your size, buy them. Shoes seem to be the hardest item to find routinely.

I have five or six stores I visit regularly. Some don't have much selection, but stock a better quality or have cheaper than average prices. Others have a huge selection, but the quality and age of the clothing can be a problem. I have learned to put together looks I see in magazines or even department stores by careful shopping at several stores.

Now, I find it difficult to shop regular stores. Why pay fifty dollars for a blouse, when I can buy something similar for five? I even shop for gifts at thrift stores. To do this and get something appropriate means shopping well ahead of time and doing a lot of looking, but I have always succeeded.

Where once I used to dread shopping, I find adventure.

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