Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Christian Strawmen

As I watch television, I am struck by how little of Christ's message is ever mentioned. I am sure that is true for the other monotheistic faiths although I am not attuned to listen for misstatements about them. Most commentary deals with the fringes of faith. Rarely, is there a serious discussion of the tenets of the faith or the impact of that faith on every day life. Many commentators such as Bill Maher get great mileage out of stating what Christians believe in terms that most Christians would not recognize, so that they can gleefully attack these strawmen. Talk show hosts invite only those with the most radical views on their program. Often these guests are simply there to be a foil for the host to present his/her views of religion and demonstrate how sensible the host is. How to combat these shallow presentations is something for Christians to discover. Somehow, Christians must present the reality of faith in every day life.

What is my reality? I pray every day. Usually about the same problem in my life, which to date still remains unchanged. In my better moments, I pray for others, but I am not a proponent of intercessory prayer. I know that prayers are not always answered as we want, but that does not stop me from praying. I believe that one of the great truths that is seldom acknowledged is that God likes to hear from us, to hear our chatter, that God is pleased by our focus on Him.

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