Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Funeral Denied, Love Denied

I read with great sadness that a church had denied a family the use of the church building because the deceased was a gay man. I personally believe that Christ wept at this action. I understand that the pastor and his church members sincerely believe that allowing this funeral would have damaged their message to the community that homosexuality is a sin. I believe that even with their belief about homosexuality, the church should have allowed the service to show that as Christians their message was love for all, even someone they thought was a sinner. In my opinion, the church was wrong, not only in its belief about homosexuality, but also in its actions. I know that I cannot change such beliefs; I know that it is not my job. My duty is to try my best to behave as Christ would want me to behave and state clearly my beliefs. Christ told us to love God and love one another, that summed up the Old Testament (the Law and the Prophets), that is enough for me. Today, I will pray for the deceased's loved ones and for the church that denied their expression of love.

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