Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dragons in the Attic

I thought I would share a little of my dragon book today. Lucas is 10 years old, but a year behind in school because he had meningitis. Lucas lives in Texas. Mattie is his best friend; she is 9. Lucas can see dragons because he had meningitis. A new dragon moves into his attic - a young dragon named Greenmist. Lucas and Greenmist become friends. Greenmist is only two years old, but about as mature as Lucas. Dragons come of age at 10. Greenmist's father was murdered by evil dragons. She and her mother fled to Texas. Adult dragons cannot fly, only juveniles like Greenmist can use their wings to fly.

I attend a multi-denominational church that has recently changed its 11 am service to one designed for a "younger" audience. The 11 am service was the one I attended, now I don't attend a church service only Sunday School (a discussion group). I did try the new service several times. I heard too much repetition in the music and too much narcissitic drivel, otherwise known as praise music. My question: why have my likes become of no importance in a church that I helped start and which I have attended for thirty years? Why court youth at the expense of those over thirty? Add a service for younger members at 1:00pm, use video replay for the pastor's sermon. Oh, well, I'll just keep praying.

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