Thursday, August 30, 2007

The United States Post Office and Harry Potter 7

Several months ago I ordered the last Harry Potter book from an internet company I had used many times. Delivery was promised on July 21st. Because I am disabled, I assumed that I would be saved the pain of shopping for the book. Wrong! The United States Post Office did not leave the book at my home. Instead I received a notice telling me I could pick it up next week. I had looked forward to reading that book that evening, so I went out, limped through the store, and purchased it. I have to say that with each pain I felt, I said something very uncomplimentary about the post office. Now, the post office notice ( I received two) said the package would be returned to sender if I did not pick it up. That was a lie! Yesterday, August 29th, the book was left at my home. Circled in red was the instruction: CARRIER-LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE. Too bad the first carrier could not read. I will donate the extra copy to a nursing home. I have notified the internet company that I will never order a book from them that must be delivered on a date certain because of this. Money was never the issue, only the saving of painful steps. I have a cousin that works for the Post Office, so I understand the difficulties of the job. I do not understand incompetence.

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