Friday, August 10, 2007

Dragons, etc.

I decided that I wanted a daily blog. Dragons are in the title because I have started writing a children's fantasy where dragons (invisible to most) live among us. I don't know if I will share any of the fantasy online or not. Today, I need to write so I can forget how miserable I am. Don't worry, no sob story.

I have discovered that one can survive without air conditioning if you have fans, even if the temperature is in the nineties. My cats do turn into not too flat rugs, but that's not all bad, they stay out of trouble.

My thought for today: you might win Megamillions tonight. Or more conventionally, there is always hope. You can be broke, sick and about to lose your home, but if your luck changes, you can be rich; if rich be able to go to the doctor and pay off your mortgage. I believe that, however unlikely it seems, God can change your world. (Doesn't mean He will.)

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